Westabbey Proving Grounds -The Arsenal of Truth

Welcome to the Westabbey Proving Grounds Advanced Cannister Development Coodination site. It is our hope that a electronic clearinghouse of information will speed development by all elements of the Project.
BAKA Round Developments
Due to chemical spawning effects caused by the expended round in test situations, the BAKA project can be considered to be back in the SCARLETCLOUD state of development. Efforts are being made to advance the byproducts to MISTYCLOUD state. See secure board for detailed information.
KU Round Developments
Public protests over the morality of the KU round has placed it in limbo for the time being. A statement of justification is being compared by Dr. Gaffney. See secure board for detailed information.
MADCW Ballistic Missile Developments
We are pleased to announce that the last MADCW trials were carried out at the Delta Range of Westabbey. The weapon is now in FLUTTERINGCLOUD state, and ready for sale on the international market. Our congradulations to all involved in a highly successful project. See secure catalog for final trial results.
KODACH Projects
Due to current public concerns regarding chemical tactics, the KODACH project has been moved to BLACKROSE security and will no longer be shown on the clearinghouse board.

Westabbey reminds its employees that the modern battlefield is a fluid state, requiring ever-more advanced equipment to combat tyranny, oppression, and injustice. We are the armory of the free world, providing the tools for our young men and women to carry our light to the farthest corners of the globe, and beyond.