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The Jusendo River is an invaluable asset for hundreds of people in and around the Jusenkyo Springs area. The Trustees of the water board are commited to preserving and utilizing this resource, for ourselves and for our children.

Ko Lon
Joketsuzoku Heights
Herb Tang
Jusen Valley
Saffron Tang
Phoenix Mountain
Hsien Tsung
Kirin Ho-Leong

Upcoming events

Jusenkyo Springs Open House day
Trustee Ko Lon will acquaint visitors with this site of historic and natural importance. Produced in a joint effort with the Jusenkyo Park Service. Highlights include a refreshing dip in Nyanniichuan, a spring known for it's crisp water. Guaranteed to wake up even the most lethargic of men!
Jusendo Conservation
Why It's Your Life At Stake - Presented by a representative of our respected trustee Saffron. Highlights include the need for water in the more remote areas of the Jusendo area, and why nonflammability is a wise choice for your future.

The trustees welcome your comments. Email us at waterboard@jusendo.org or write to us c/o:
Hsien Tsung
Chun Tuo Castle
Varaiyah Province